Thursday, December 24, 2015

Your Inner Voice....A Spiritual Encounter

Each one of us has a daily routine and like most folks you wake up and plan your day. Each day  starts with us satisfying our instinct for survival we need to gain the access to earn money which fuels our basic survival. How do we earn money? Well, for us normal everyday folks we go to work.  So this work can be defined at a corporate workplace, a restaurant,  attending college, driving public transportation ,at home in a domestic capacity or looking for a job.  Whichever scenario you find yourself in at some point in your life during your daily routine you may have stopped to think, "What's Next for me, is this all there is "?

What's missing from this world we live in is the pleasure of simply being alive, the beauty of our very being, we rely upon so much for what money can provide us that we are completely blinded by our purpose in life.  I understand and know that money is a part of the society we live in as it provides the substantial requirements for our survival, shelter and clothing to protect us from the elements and food to provide nourishment for our bodies. Listen up there is more! I am not going in so deep but deep enough of you to make up your mind for yourselves.  Each one of is a unique being all a part of one race, the race of humanity, we are part of a collective of like beings. Though we are all different in physical appearance, however with the same physical infrastructure, we have a brain, eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Yet we are different with our thoughts which is the key to why I KNOW THERE IS MORE THAN OUR SIMPLE EVERYDAY EXISTENCE.

 Its very simple if you just open your mind and take notice. and embrace the fact that our similarities are not a mistake or mishap, There is no BLACK RACE or WHITE RACE, There is only the HUMAN RACE.  This BLACK and WHITE RACE thing is  a mirage to fuel economic elitism which is designed to separate us because of a small percentage of people who have low self esteem and have no clue on how to focus and embrace who they are and the realization and acceptance that there is something out here much greater than themselves and their worldly possessions.  As if any of that really means anything when your life is over because you cannot take the million dollar home or Bentley with you when you die.   They are like scared children, young minds with a whole lot of power, can you imagine that?  I am not implying that these scared children are simply one collective of people, they are of both. For me ALL RACISM no matter where it comes from is a lie, to be clear!

I believe that we are all a part of a wonderful, mysterious collective of beings that were ultimately created by a creator who  assists in the orchestration of our outcomes based on what we do, our output.  However what defines our outputs is what we take in, our inputs.    You see your contribution in this world society whether you are a maid or a corporate executive no matter what your economic or social status is its about how you see the world, how the world sees you and more importantly how you interact and give back.  Remember inputs require outputs to reach a full conclusion so if you are just putting in work everyday and existing without taking whatever was given to you and making some use of it, ultimately delivering an output, then you are simply existing with no conscience of who you are or realization that you could deliver some output to the collective, the human race, that you were meant to do.  You will know that it is something you are meant to do based on how it makes you feel and how well you do it.

I will use my life as an example.  Since I learned to read and write I have always enjoyed it.  As a child I could write short stories at any moment or time of day and I found that when I did and the people that took the time to read my stories like my teachers and family they all had nice things to say, encouragement.  In grade school, I won several writing contests.  Reading is therapeutic for me, I love to read and take in information, its fuels my creativity and I am inspired to write.  So reading is an input, I am taking in information and my writing is an output.  So my point being that my input and outputs combined deliver a purpose to the world for if not only one person reads what I write I have created a connection to the collective, humanity.  What are you taking in?  How does it inspire you? What are you doing about?

I will close with since we all know that tomorrow is not promised to us, live your life  according to what you perceive as being happy, whatever makes you happy, do it and if you can share it with others, the energy of that will always return to you.  KARMA

May Your Journey Be Peaceful!

Poetic Sista




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