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Thursday, October 8, 2015

One Bag To Please All Of Us!

Peace and Blessings Bloggers!

I know, I know, its been a minute!!!!  By GOD's grace I am still here!  This blog is for you LADIES!  So ladies  I want to present to you today some food for thought on your handbag purchases.  Yes, I am going there ladies because for some of us our handbags and shoes are like a part of our family.  With some many beautiful choices, there are a few attributes that I look for when making a handbag purchase and they are:

1. Color:  The color is the first eye catcher for most.  The color stimulates our desire to coordinate, an essential for all fashionistas.  No matter what level of fashionista you are or simply how serious you take you fashion choices, we ALL and I mean all have a little fashionista in our heads.

2. Style:  Style choices exemplify your personal signature, in my opinion.  For me when I select a handbag style, it has to be in sync with my not just my clothing but how I walk and talk and most importantly how I feel carrying the bag.  

3. Construction:  This is a defining factor for me when selecting a handbag, the construction must be made with quality materials that are durable enough to withstand the abuse of my life which includes walking in the city, taking trains and carrying all my necessary stuff which usually includes a laptop or tablet since I am a writer.

4. Function:  Each handbag that I have serves an array or at least one main function.  I have handbags that I use daily going to work to cart my laptop and other stuff.  I have handbags that I utilize for social events only and I have handbags that I use for special occasions like weddings, etc.

5.  Affordable:  All of want the best quality, stylish handbags however what we want is not always affordable to us.  Unless you are independently wealthy and don't rely on a job for your finance-work stream then affordability is not a concern for you.  For the rest of us, we care because it becomes a matter of shifting finances in order to afford that one purchase.  I know I mentioned construction as a defining factor and it is because just like many of you when you see that handbag that you really want that has all the checks marked on your list even if you cannot afford it you will find a way.  If that means cutting out Starbucks for a month or two, packing a lunch instead of eating out you will do what you must to create that balance!   

As I shop and look for a match to all these attributes, there are a few designer handbags that come to mind, but none stand out like the very famous "MICHAEL KORS' collection.  

A Michael Kors handbag is that one bag that anyone can carry and reflect their vision of how they see themselves and how people view them.  The design, colors, construction, functionality coupled with the fact that these bags are literally affordable for all financial favors.  Michael Kors has his couture line which caters to the ├╝ber chic along with a line of products that accommodate the average consumer giving us all fabulosity on any budget!  I personally have purchased many Michael Kors products from his shoes, sneakers, coats and handbags I love the quality and construction of his products and the fact his brand stands by the product so much that if your product becomes defective and you take it back to the Michael Kors store they will replace free with no issues.  However I am told that it must be a purchase form the Michael Kors store and not a section for the designer like in a Macy's or Bloomingdales.  

So Ladies if you are looking for that one bag that creates balance in the designer handbag stratosphere my advice is to go check out Michael Kors and do a comparison with some of the other designers and feel free to drop me a comment on your experience.

May your journey be peaceful!


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