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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"A Fresh Approach to Gourmet Style Meals @Home"

Peace and Blessings!

I hope that all that read this article are well and I thank you for your visit!  I want to share with you a company that offers great solutions for dinner.  I don't know about you but as a mom, wife and a working professional that has a family that is ALWAYS hungry and who happen to be finicky about their selection of food, I am always searching to feed and please everyone which is really exhausting and does not always work.  I was introduced to "", an online service that delivers to your front door all the ingredients required to cook a chef designed gourmet meal.  So in my mind, my first thought was, "take out that I have to cook"?  I was not exactly a fan of the idea, after all the whole idea about ordering is the convenience and one of those would be not having to prepare and cook meals.  So I decided to do some research, after all it couldn't hurt, I could possibly find an option that would work for my picky family and maybe get a winning response from them.  So I went to the site and did some research and found out that  the process involves you to browse their menu, select dishes that you would like to order, each selection consists of 2 plates, servings sized appropriately for 2 people, and lastly you select your delivery day.  So here I go again thinking, I am curious to know what this would cost, after viewing the selections which are all chef designed and made with fresh, restaurant quality ingredients, I created an account and ordered 4 plates for myself, my husband and our two sons.  So I am at the menu going through the selections and I have to say the navigation to the site is awesome because all selections are categorized by "Land, Sea and Veggie", that's a huge plus for me.  How many times have you gone to a food service site and was lost because the navigation was not user friendly, that would not be the case here.  So far so good and it gets better!  As you are viewing the selections on the menu, to the far right of the screen, there is listed for each selection, the Calories, Type (gluten-free, dairy, etc.), Difficulty (easy, etc.) and Prep-Time.  Basically all details of menu selections are laid out.  I decided to try it and I did.  I created an account and began my order, once the account was created I noticed that there was a profile section, in this section I found it was an area to customize your food selections.  This was highly impressive to me, after all  allergens and diet are a major concern for most people.  Besides I don't know of any online food ordering services or fast food places that give you the option to deselect food choices that may be hazardous to your health. 

The menu choices we selected were the "Chicken Tikka Masala and the Coffee-Rubbed Steak with Roasted Pepper Panzanella"

Our order was scheduled to come to us on Friday, it was promptly delivered in the morning before noon.  We received the package from FedEx with the "PeriShip" sticker ensuring the food remained fresh during the process.  Upon opening the box, all of the food was very cold with enclosed cold paks.  I inventoried all items and they were present as promised with large recipe cards that outline all ingredients and step-by-step preparation instructions. 

My husband and I prepared the Chicken Tikka Masala and my sons prepared the Coffee-Rubbed Steak with Roasted Pepper Panzanella.  Preparation was easy and very true to the instructions.  If you can read and comprehend, anyone can do this.  After successfully completing both recipes, we sat down to eat together and just before eating, I mentioned to my sons, "Hey don't eat yet, I want to take pictures for my blog".  Well I immediately got my answer, my youngest son replied, "Mom, this food is absolutely delicious, I am sorry but I am in way too deep to stop".  So I was only able to get a picture of my plate, as my husband had already dived into his as well. 

I would have to agree with my family, the food was absolutely delicious, the ingredients were fresh and of the chef designed quality.  The preparation and time are true to the recipe cards.  It tasted just like we ordered from a restaurant.  With meals of this quality you can expect to pay at least $35 to 40 per plate, maybe more depending on where you go.  You have the choice of purchasing 2 plates at half the cost of what one plate would cost in a restaurant and that's excluding the tip.  The costs are $12 for members, members are recurring customers that have the option to skip as much as they want who also receive discounts on all plates.  If you do not wish to be a member you can pay $15 ala carte with no commitment.  Either way it's priced at a  good value for the quality.

 Oh did I mention that   each menu selection on the site gives you the name, pic and bio of the chef who designed the selection.  My family would like to shout out to Chef Elana Karp for your amazing "Chicken Tikka Masala".

A special shout out to Chef Suzanne Lehrer for your amazing "Coffee Rubbed Steak with Roasted Pepper Panzanella"

If you like good, fresh, chef designed, restaurant quality food I would highly recommend trying ""as a  replacement to the not so good tasting fast food or food atrium.  And I have a special message for those of you saying, "I don't want to cook, I just want to order", I ask you why? So you can complain how greasy it is or how whatever you ordered that was cooked fast was not to your satisfaction??  If you are that person, just know if you want food cooked to meet your complete satisfaction, you have to cook it yourself"!!!!

May your journey be peaceful....


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