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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mean Girl Entertainment....Have we sold out our reality for TV?

Television today is slowly owning up to the epigram of  "Channel Zero", as ingeniously noted in one of Public Enemy's songs, "She Watch Channel Zero", from their acclaimed album released in 1988, "It Takes  A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back,   indicating that we, women,  the folks in front of the television are viewing shows that are creating a brainless society wherein the media is depicting what is acceptable in society. 
Speaking specifically to all the so-called "Reality Television Shows" and soap operas.  I get the whole idea behind reality television which is create an environment that you are watching a person walk through their life and life's challenges, which is truly not reality because in reality none of  us has a camera crew following us around and recording our daily activities and to have certain moments edited with  the end result that we see on television is what the show producers' and network deems as "acceptable viewing" for the demographic watching.   In the minds of the network, the demographic of people watching the show are just a group of numbers, numbers that specify how many of us are watching which is measured as an key point indicator of popularity status.  In entertainment, popularity is everything as it is the creation of a brand that can expand outward to its demographic in the media world, marketing, etc.  To put it in layman's terms, the creation of a brand is a venue of money making opportunities for all that support the brand.  I will give you clear examples, on shows like the "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta", which is the highest rated with viewership amongst the Bravo TV Housewives brand according to Nielsen Ratings, a company that measures the audience size and composition of television programming.  So the ladies of this show all have an entrepreneurial spirit, some more than others.  In particular, Nene Leakes, who before coming to show was working on a career and developing her craft in acting.  Because of her part in the creation of the brand, RHOA, doors of opportunities were opened that were not available before to her. 
Personally, I actually love the idea of these women that have created this brand and the opportunities that promote their skills and talents as well as the opportunity for them to venture into new opportunities.  I have specific concerns with regard to what they project on television.  This show in particular is known and popular for intense drama that involves anything from cursing, hair pulling and fighting in a mannerism that totally demotes the image of these women and the initiatives that they support.  Again, I bring up Ms. Leakes, because she promotes organizations that help women, yet if you tune on Sunday night, she is ring leader of drama and chaos amongst women within her circle.  Its a contradiction of what she supports and represents.  The show has a basic theme of the women making an effort of bonding and building their relationships, but the surprise is that season after season, these women just fight, back stab, are simply just "Mean" to each other which is real life for many women.  These are six beautiful African American woman that have talent and poise, the initial thought of seeing them on television is beautiful because you don't see many African American women in a beautiful way on television and in the movies.  What bothers me is that the behaviors' displayed on this show complete a stereotype of the "African American Woman" as being "ANGRY".  As an African American woman myself, what really amazes me about this show and its success that even though many folks agree with the analogy that I have just presented, yet we all still tune in to see the craziness.  Its mostly due to the shock factor of it all and it works, again, this show is the top rated of the Housewives' brand.  What I would like you to think about reader is that for as intriguing as this show is and shows like this, what are you getting from viewing these shows?  Are you learning or trying to accept their behavior or are you standing in judgment of their behavior?  My point to all of this is while we are literally wasting our time watching this show, an hour out of lives, lives that are not promised or guaranteed to continue tomorrow, couldn't we spend that hour on something that could benefit us, that could uplift who we are and where we want to be in our own lives.  Even better yet could we utilize this time to help someone we know or don't know, maybe in a volunteer situation that may need help.  Time is of the essence to us all because we just don't know how much we have and venues like this may support the people that are a part of this, however it takes away a slice of our own lives and with no reward. 

So for any housewives fans that may read this, I am not throwing any "SHADE" at this ladies and their brand, I am just introducing a choice, one that only you can make for your own life, as I make mine.

May your choices be wise and your journey be peaceful!


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