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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why I Blog and Why You Should!...INSPIRATION TO LEAD

As a blogger,  an atypical question that people ask from time to time, "Why do you blog"?  Then there are the analogies that they give such as, "What's the point in blogging, everyone is on the internet telling their business, what is there to blog about and whose reading or paying attention anyway?"  Well, I have an answer for all you cynical skeptics that believe that blogging is a waste of time and serves no purpose in today's very connected society through the use of venues such as Blog Spot, WordPress etc. and their counterparts that promote blogging and internet writing and photo-sharing: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. just to name a few.

I started my blog back in 2007 based on my daily experiences working in corporate america and balancing my work and family life.  As my journey continued, I took a bit of a hiatus and stopped blogging.  But then the unexpected happened, my readers, you, reached out to me with NOTHING but compliments and expression of how the experiences that  I shared with them touched their lives.  For me, as a writer and a person who is principle centered,  I felt the need to write once again and offer whatever views from my life's journey that could help, someone, maybe you.  I urge and encourage others as well to sit and think about what inspiration they could offer.  For example, a woman who is a stay at home mom who is focused on primarily caring for her family can offer a lot to the unorganized, folks that are not so experienced in childcare, home-care, etc.  We all have gifts.  Another example would be the person that works at a fast food chain such as McDonald's or Burger King.  They could offer their wealth of knowledge on how to deal with customers and their own personal experience of why they work there, we all have a story of WHY.

I realize that there are many blogs out there in cyberspace, there are many that people will say are similar to mine, but regardless of the similarities, I am still unique, just as others are.  Even though we may write about the similar topics, the difference is in the way we write, spirit that moves us to do what we do and more importantly, how what we write is perceived by you, the reader.  I do not believe that blogging should be competitive though I know there are bloggers out there that do this for a living and their competitive edge is driven by money.   In my opinion, when money is involved with an art form, sometimes the art changes shape, the shape sometimes comes in the form of the person who is at the delivery end of the money.  Let me say this that I make no implication to anyone blogger or any group of bloggers.  This is just my opinion.  My point in saying that is because regardless of money being involved or not, the purpose of why I blog will not change.  I promote only POSITIVE ENERGY, it is who I am, it is what I thrive on and it is specifically why I blog.
I am one of the truest forms of OPTIMISM that may exist in a human being,which is a complete degradation of the typical stereotype that Hollywood and other forms of media would predict for an African American woman, especially one that works in corporate america.  I am that "Elephant" in the room that people will look at strangely but will come to embrace me and my quirkiness and respect me.  This is WHY I BLOG. If I have not reached but one person and have put a smile on your face or given you a reason to reflect upon who you are and what you want to do with your life and your gifts, then I am fulfilled and my mission is complete!

May your journey be peaceful!


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