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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Book List that..."INSPIRES, RENEWS & CREATES A New You!"

With most folks in their "New Year, New State Of Mind", dealing with how to execute their New Year premonitions, I have a list of books that may be able to help you with on your path to success to fulfill or at least invigorate those premonitions.

Since reading Stephen R. Covey's - "Principle Centered Leadership", I have discovered some traits about myself that I never really thought about or analyzed before reading this book.  This book gives a detailed analytic approach into an account of what it takes to lead effectively by utilizing principles. If you are familiar with Stephen Covey's work, you will know another one of his books which is another favorite of mine, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the principles that are analyzed in this book are directly related.  So whatever career you are in, looking to get in or business that you are thinking about starting, this is a must read for you.

Tyrese Gibson, singer/songwriter, actor, author of "How To Get Out Your Own Way", made the New York Times "best sellers" list in July, 2011.  This book has become one of my favorites as I have read it twice, yes I said twice. Tyrese starts his book out with a powerful prayer that asks for guidance and the ability to discern friends from enemies to create a love circle. I cannot express how much this book touched me.  It offers an account of his journey to getting out of his own way, unblocking his blessings to become what we see today, a successful man who is knowledgeable of self and abilities and is able to clearly discern friends from enemies and has created his "Love Circle".  This book will speak to your emotional side, you will cry, laugh and smile after reading this book.  This book is  a must read for ALL.

For you reader, the one with the entrepreneur mind who dreams of starting your own business but due to all the moving parts of starting a business, such as what type of business, knowing the demographics of your customer, etc. and ultimately how to bring it all together, you should start here.  The team at Entrepreneur Media collaboratively put this book together as a roadmap to start your own business.  They walk you through a series of analytics that will help you to start your own business, the series consists of:  Think, Plan, Fund, Prepare, Buy, Market and Engage, this series contains a roadmap to starting your own business. 

For the corporate manager or future manager, this book is for you, "The Five Dysfunctions of A Team".  This book's title is pretty self explanatory as it explores the dysfunctional aspects of non-productive teams.  It walks through a series of scenarios and offers various strategies to diffuse the dysfunctional behaviors in a team.  It also preps managers on their mindset in dealing with team members who have issues.  Afterall we all have issues and perfection is not prevalent in humans, so we all have work to do.  I think it is a must read self-help book for people who manage teams of people whether in the corporate workplace or in your own business. 
I enjoyed each of these books and have absorbed a huge amount of information that has help me to evolve and that I refer to from time to time as a refresher.  I hope you they help you too in your journey as you design it.
May your journey be peaceful!

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