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Friday, May 3, 2013

Workplace Bullying

Peace and Blessings Bloggers! I hope while you are reading this blog finds you in good health, your most important asset! I want to talk to you today, the worker bee in America's workplace. No matter what industry, retail or corporate, etc. there is a worker out there whom loves their work and is faithful, shows up on time daily with a humbled spirit because they are thankful for the fact that they have a job and the fact that they are doing something they like is a bonus. This worker is typically energetic, enthusiastic and innovative, the three qualities you would think any manager or supervisor would want in an employee reporting to them. Unfortunately there are some folks out there that are completely delusional and believe that because they paid their dues in whatever form this may be, it could be in the form of faking it to they made it, or simply because they paid their dues through hard work to get that management or supervisor role. My problem is with their thought process because they honestly believe in their minds that they have "arrived" and it is there time to rule and control the minds and actions of those that work for them. I am going to go out on a limb here and say this but I honestly believe that most people who believe in this behavior is probably because someone did this to them. Though some aspects of this behavior are not learned and are simply instinctual, based on personality type, however the thought process is delusional and is way too prevalent today, especially in the realm of corporate America where arrogance rules and any other viewpoint is considered to be weak. Don't get me wrong bloggers I respect all those that have paid their dues because I am sure it cost them some sort of sacrifice , however I don't appreciate folks that use the influence of a position to reign tyranny against those that are less fortunate, for whatever reason. So I say to you reader, if you or if you know someone who has been exposed to the "workplace bullies", don't despair and hold on to this: PEOPLE THAT ENFORCE AND PROMOTE ARROGANCE JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE POSITIONED TO ARE TRULY IGNORANT AND WEAK. I will back up my statement with the following analogy, the species of animals that exercise "infanticide" - the killing of their young offspring, this is done for the sake of survival. In comparison to the manager or supervisor who enjoys playing psychological games on their staff by threatening them with job loss, in hopes to create fear in the dedicated worker, the worker who needs their job to support their family, actually enjoys the grief and fear that they create because it simply transfers their ENERGY OF FEAR TO YOU. So the more you ingest their fear, you empower them. My mom is always telling me, "DONT LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR JOY", this is a prime example of when to practice this! So worker bee, the problem is CLEARLY NOT YOU, its them and the best advice I can give you is to NOT give in this tyranny, don't invite fear, reject it always and stand firm knowing that when one door closes another is awaiting your entrance! In addition to keeping your mind and spirit together by not giving into fear, there are other ways to relieve yourself from this situation, and its to EDUCATE yourself on this topic. I found an informative website that delves deep into the definition of "Workplace Bullying" along with a wealth of information including statistics and legal information that can assist you. Here's the link: "NO WORKPLACE BULLIES"

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