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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Don't Be Discouraged, Its Not Over...This is the Beginning!

Peace and Blessings Bloggers! Happy New Year 2012! As we all contemplate and ponder on the past year events and current situation of the world's government we all tend to wonder with hopeful minds and hearts that things will get better. In my opinion, before a remedy can be conceived and accepted, we the people must first realize that the world system that we have been accustomed to, the only system we know, is BROKEN. What does this mean for us since we are not the officers of governement? What this means is that we need to plan the survival for ourselves and families differently. Now is the time to reflect and focus on QUALITY as opposed to QUANTITY. For many of us, this has always been a way of life. However there is a substantial amount of people in this country that have exhausted resources such as credit that our world system offers us and dictates to us that we must have if we want a home, a car, etc. So let's take a look at what is credit, really. My definition of credit is, "The ability to purchase goods and services with money that you do not have". So what does credit do for most of us? It creates "DEBT". And as you all know this is the fuel for the financial engines in this country. The very idea of credit is seductive to most people because it offers the idea and opportunity to obtain things that you desire at a moment in time when you do not have a plan for the said, "desires". This system of credit and scoring, which enables you the amount of credit you can obtain, is seriously broken and its based on the very theory of which makes this system work, and that theory is GREED! In this country GREED has become a living thing. Its like a microrganism that was alive in a test tube and has been fed in increments so much now to the point it has grown so much that is can no longer be contained or controlled. This not only exists for individuals but this is true for businesses as well, thus one of the reasons for our so-called job shortage. That's a whole other blog guys! So what can we do, we can not give up control. So let me explain, if you are person who earns an income (whether through employment or business ownership), now is the time to take control of your reactive impulses that lead to greed. People we need to focus on our quality of life by first asking yourself these questions, Here is a scenario, you are shopping for a new pair of shoes that you need, okay so let's think about it, you want them to be fashionable, fit appropriately (well some of you won't care about this). Set a budget for yourself before shopping, so you are now in the store and several options are appealing to you the differences being mostly price. So do you purchase a $1500 pair of shoes versus a $100 pair that both have the same attributes, however the $1500 pair are the hottest with regard to fashion and are beyond your budget, wherein the $100 pair are equally fashionable but are not the hottest name but are within your budget, what do you do? It's obvious and most of know what we should do, this is when that greed kicks in and what do most of do, if we exceed our budget and have credit available, we hit up the credit and there it is, the disease starts. We usually trick ourselves into believing that if we do not purchase the more expensive pair we are somehow depriving ourselves, and then the thought comes why be deprived. Stop people its a trick and these very tricks are literally played out so much thus one of the MAIN reasons for our broken system and it starts with you and I. Think QUALITY of life, spend your money wisely while conserving your cash funds also think of the environment as well, (again another blog post :-D) Is it really worth making financial sacrifices for the sake of soothing your ego??? So don't be discouraged, just because you may be in debt today, plan to get out of it, make it your focus and follow through. My dad used to always tell me that with a plan in mind and heart, there is no room for failure. Today marks the beginning of a new mind set, let's make an effort in this new year to put an end of our psychological and social confines, think free, be free.
Peace and Blessings!

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