Friday, June 19, 2009

A DeHumanization of A Race...Change Is Relevant

Peace and Blessings Bloggers! 

I made a rule when I first starting writing and that was that I would not be a political writer and I will not get involved in the headlines of the day. Well, the recent headlines have me literally swollen in tense anguish, as like many of you choose to believe that you are MINORITIES. Well you are not a MINORITY, IN FACT you ARE A PART OF A MAJORITY. I don't need to flash names around this blog as ALL OF AMERICA knows the incident that took place in New York that to date which now has ALL PEOPLE ON ALERT to the fact that the New York Criminal Justice System dehumanizes African Americans thus giving essence and relevance to the word used for African Americans or shall I say just people of color and that is..."Minority". Are we that minor that non-relevant to society wherein our very lives can be erased without any trace of justification for irreversible crimes against us such as murder? Folks, there is one truth that we don't talk about, you know the media and certain classes of folks in America will call African American people minorities and attempt to dehumanize us via drug usage, our food and more importantly our economic class via our jobs. This one truth has never changed. However, the truth be told is that when you see reflected the fear and inferiority complexes of other classes of people and I stress classes of people because racism is not based on race alone in America, it is not the color of the skin that is the big fuss, it is primarily based on economic class. The saddest part of all of this is that you have race against race. This is the new age racism. It has been clear and relevant for some time. What is really funny though is the fear that has been aroused by our president whom happens to be an African American, Is the President of the United States, An African American considered a minority, when in fact he is the LEADER OF THIS COUNTRY????? So for you folks who insist on using the word minority, think again, look at the ethnicity of the man who is running this country and ask yourself is he minor?

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