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Sunday, April 6, 2008

TODAY'S Message....from back in the day...TODAY!

Peace and Blessings Bloggers!

Today's message, as demonstrated by Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five (for you new school folks, these brothers are TRUE SCHOOL Rappers (not just OLD SCHOOL)...are enlightening us in their timeless classic, "The Message", I say timeless, for as old as this song and video are, everything they speak about in their message exists TODAY. I say, is it not EVIDENT? But I also say that though "The Message" depicts the negativity that many of us face daily, more importantly it's message is to enlighten us. This is for those of us that are going through and those that are observing, to.....CHANGE!
That infamous word for this decade CHANGE, get the message...?


Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five - "The MESSAGE"
"HOLD UP....... It Ain't Over!"

"For those of you who may not get it since it is a fact that there are some of you out there still struggling with which way you should go, what path to take even if it is right in your face....HELLOOOOOO!(YEAH, I AM TALKING TO YOU AND YOU). Again I stress, ACKNOWLEDGE your issue as this is the path to ACCEPTANCE once accepted, then you are on the path to RESOLUTION. I am sorry for those folks that may find the truth offensive, that's just the kind of Sista I am my delivery will always be up in your FACE, JUST LIKE ME, HATE OR LOVE IT. I make that statement as I have received a few emails and voicemails from folks who really don't get it. I have had communications from folks stating that I am a racist as all I speak to is Black People. Well folks though I am a Black Woman (African American), the message that I aim to deliver here has NO COLOR, these issues affect ALL PEOPLE and the messages that I deliver via this blog are FOR ALL PEOPLE, though the media would have you think otherwise (that's another blog entry, stay tuned). For you haters, "If my blackness affects you, check yourself as you obviously have no esteem for your culture or the ethnicity you come from, so don't hate, spread love, more importantly to yourself first and know this that all people from all races and ethnicities are unique and have something wonderful and exciting to offer the world, what are you waiting for and where's your contribution? So stop wasting time on foolishness!
Besides, we don't accept hate mail here, however we do accept MASTERCARD, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, awwwh just joking folks! Again I apologize for the babbling, it happens as I write from my soul and this issue has put a bad taste in my mouth that I had to dispel that, its gone, back on track... Oh Well, here is the answer to the "The MESSAGE"!

"We ain't meant to SURVIVE cause its a SETUP, I know you're FED UP, BUT YOU GOT TO KEEP YOUR HEAD UP"! - Tupac Shakur

 Tupac Shakur - "Keep Ya Head UP"



Shelia said...

Hey Sista!!!

Long time no talk to. I thought that you were still offline. I hope that all is well and that life is treating you kind.

I don't have very much to say about "The Message" or "Keep Ya' Head Up." What can you say? They not only speak for themselves, but for the community, and each and every person in it. Masterpieces.

Dang it! Now I'm gonna be boppin' to Keep Ya' Head Up all night.

Poetic Sista said...

Peace and Blessings! I know right, it's been a long time and as always thanks for your blessings and support. I am good, life is good, can complain but of course will not... Thanks for your comments about the Message, that was exactly my point, they do speak for themselves and I believe all can relate. With today's current state of communication and music in particularly "Hip Hop" music being in the forefront, I thought it was necessary avenue for delivery of this message.

I pray it's message will remind and be a blessing to someone.


The Love Collective said...

"The Message" is my all-time joint! Thanx.

create said...

Peace my is Create...saw your blog..this truly represents my years brought back in da struggle...i preside in south ozone park Queens...a neighbor..not too far from u...i wanna grace your presence with free to connect..let's draw ourselves and unite this blog among all afro americans with the culture 2 exist..what we have encountered..the red..da black..the green...keepin it real...what must b said..wearing it as tasteful and dignified... sistah's with class..stay universal...QUEEN..proceed...good luck..da best is yet to come.. you've given much love...enjoyed every line..wonderful..protect our children..very good work..

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

The Message is a relevant today as it was then. Great post!

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