Thursday, December 24, 2015

Your Inner Voice....A Spiritual Encounter

Each one of us has a daily routine and like most folks you wake up and plan your day. Each day  starts with us satisfying our instinct for survival we need to gain the access to earn money which fuels our basic survival. How do we earn money? Well, for us normal everyday folks we go to work.  So this work can be defined at a corporate workplace, a restaurant,  attending college, driving public transportation ,at home in a domestic capacity or looking for a job.  Whichever scenario you find yourself in at some point in your life during your daily routine you may have stopped to think, "What's Next for me, is this all there is "?

What's missing from this world we live in is the pleasure of simply being alive, the beauty of our very being, we rely upon so much for what money can provide us that we are completely blinded by our purpose in life.  I understand and know that money is a part of the society we live in as it provides the substantial requirements for our survival, shelter and clothing to protect us from the elements and food to provide nourishment for our bodies. Listen up there is more! I am not going in so deep but deep enough of you to make up your mind for yourselves.  Each one of is a unique being all a part of one race, the race of humanity, we are part of a collective of like beings. Though we are all different in physical appearance, however with the same physical infrastructure, we have a brain, eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Yet we are different with our thoughts which is the key to why I KNOW THERE IS MORE THAN OUR SIMPLE EVERYDAY EXISTENCE.

 Its very simple if you just open your mind and take notice. and embrace the fact that our similarities are not a mistake or mishap, There is no BLACK RACE or WHITE RACE, There is only the HUMAN RACE.  This BLACK and WHITE RACE thing is  a mirage to fuel economic elitism which is designed to separate us because of a small percentage of people who have low self esteem and have no clue on how to focus and embrace who they are and the realization and acceptance that there is something out here much greater than themselves and their worldly possessions.  As if any of that really means anything when your life is over because you cannot take the million dollar home or Bentley with you when you die.   They are like scared children, young minds with a whole lot of power, can you imagine that?  I am not implying that these scared children are simply one collective of people, they are of both. For me ALL RACISM no matter where it comes from is a lie, to be clear!

I believe that we are all a part of a wonderful, mysterious collective of beings that were ultimately created by a creator who  assists in the orchestration of our outcomes based on what we do, our output.  However what defines our outputs is what we take in, our inputs.    You see your contribution in this world society whether you are a maid or a corporate executive no matter what your economic or social status is its about how you see the world, how the world sees you and more importantly how you interact and give back.  Remember inputs require outputs to reach a full conclusion so if you are just putting in work everyday and existing without taking whatever was given to you and making some use of it, ultimately delivering an output, then you are simply existing with no conscience of who you are or realization that you could deliver some output to the collective, the human race, that you were meant to do.  You will know that it is something you are meant to do based on how it makes you feel and how well you do it.

I will use my life as an example.  Since I learned to read and write I have always enjoyed it.  As a child I could write short stories at any moment or time of day and I found that when I did and the people that took the time to read my stories like my teachers and family they all had nice things to say, encouragement.  In grade school, I won several writing contests.  Reading is therapeutic for me, I love to read and take in information, its fuels my creativity and I am inspired to write.  So reading is an input, I am taking in information and my writing is an output.  So my point being that my input and outputs combined deliver a purpose to the world for if not only one person reads what I write I have created a connection to the collective, humanity.  What are you taking in?  How does it inspire you? What are you doing about?

I will close with since we all know that tomorrow is not promised to us, live your life  according to what you perceive as being happy, whatever makes you happy, do it and if you can share it with others, the energy of that will always return to you.  KARMA

May Your Journey Be Peaceful!

Poetic Sista




Thursday, October 8, 2015

One Bag To Please All Of Us!

Peace and Blessings Bloggers!

I know, I know, its been a minute!!!!  By GOD's grace I am still here!  This blog is for you LADIES!  So ladies  I want to present to you today some food for thought on your handbag purchases.  Yes, I am going there ladies because for some of us our handbags and shoes are like a part of our family.  With some many beautiful choices, there are a few attributes that I look for when making a handbag purchase and they are:

1. Color:  The color is the first eye catcher for most.  The color stimulates our desire to coordinate, an essential for all fashionistas.  No matter what level of fashionista you are or simply how serious you take you fashion choices, we ALL and I mean all have a little fashionista in our heads.

2. Style:  Style choices exemplify your personal signature, in my opinion.  For me when I select a handbag style, it has to be in sync with my not just my clothing but how I walk and talk and most importantly how I feel carrying the bag.  

3. Construction:  This is a defining factor for me when selecting a handbag, the construction must be made with quality materials that are durable enough to withstand the abuse of my life which includes walking in the city, taking trains and carrying all my necessary stuff which usually includes a laptop or tablet since I am a writer.

4. Function:  Each handbag that I have serves an array or at least one main function.  I have handbags that I use daily going to work to cart my laptop and other stuff.  I have handbags that I utilize for social events only and I have handbags that I use for special occasions like weddings, etc.

5.  Affordable:  All of want the best quality, stylish handbags however what we want is not always affordable to us.  Unless you are independently wealthy and don't rely on a job for your finance-work stream then affordability is not a concern for you.  For the rest of us, we care because it becomes a matter of shifting finances in order to afford that one purchase.  I know I mentioned construction as a defining factor and it is because just like many of you when you see that handbag that you really want that has all the checks marked on your list even if you cannot afford it you will find a way.  If that means cutting out Starbucks for a month or two, packing a lunch instead of eating out you will do what you must to create that balance!   

As I shop and look for a match to all these attributes, there are a few designer handbags that come to mind, but none stand out like the very famous "MICHAEL KORS' collection.  

A Michael Kors handbag is that one bag that anyone can carry and reflect their vision of how they see themselves and how people view them.  The design, colors, construction, functionality coupled with the fact that these bags are literally affordable for all financial favors.  Michael Kors has his couture line which caters to the ├╝ber chic along with a line of products that accommodate the average consumer giving us all fabulosity on any budget!  I personally have purchased many Michael Kors products from his shoes, sneakers, coats and handbags I love the quality and construction of his products and the fact his brand stands by the product so much that if your product becomes defective and you take it back to the Michael Kors store they will replace free with no issues.  However I am told that it must be a purchase form the Michael Kors store and not a section for the designer like in a Macy's or Bloomingdales.  

So Ladies if you are looking for that one bag that creates balance in the designer handbag stratosphere my advice is to go check out Michael Kors and do a comparison with some of the other designers and feel free to drop me a comment on your experience.

May your journey be peaceful!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

    Peace and Blessings!  I am back, I just wanted to reintroduce myself to you again reader!  I am an inspiring writer who is extremely passionate about writing inspirational non-fictional stories in an effort to help bring forth awareness of the reality that no one lives forever and to implement a campaign in the pursuit of living happy!  That's it!  I am that person that if I had only one week to live, let's just say 5 days, I would make sure that each hour will be spent doing, experiencing activities that make me happy, make me smile.

I want that for you reader, to realize that you have this life and this life is not forever, seize your moments with happiness no matter what may come your way.  See the good in people because it exists and its contagious.  Smiling is the best anti-wrinkle therapy and frowning promotes wrinkles and we really don't want those.  So simply happy.

May your journey be peaceful!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"A Fresh Approach to Gourmet Style Meals @Home"

Peace and Blessings!

I hope that all that read this article are well and I thank you for your visit!  I want to share with you a company that offers great solutions for dinner.  I don't know about you but as a mom, wife and a working professional that has a family that is ALWAYS hungry and who happen to be finicky about their selection of food, I am always searching to feed and please everyone which is really exhausting and does not always work.  I was introduced to "", an online service that delivers to your front door all the ingredients required to cook a chef designed gourmet meal.  So in my mind, my first thought was, "take out that I have to cook"?  I was not exactly a fan of the idea, after all the whole idea about ordering is the convenience and one of those would be not having to prepare and cook meals.  So I decided to do some research, after all it couldn't hurt, I could possibly find an option that would work for my picky family and maybe get a winning response from them.  So I went to the site and did some research and found out that  the process involves you to browse their menu, select dishes that you would like to order, each selection consists of 2 plates, servings sized appropriately for 2 people, and lastly you select your delivery day.  So here I go again thinking, I am curious to know what this would cost, after viewing the selections which are all chef designed and made with fresh, restaurant quality ingredients, I created an account and ordered 4 plates for myself, my husband and our two sons.  So I am at the menu going through the selections and I have to say the navigation to the site is awesome because all selections are categorized by "Land, Sea and Veggie", that's a huge plus for me.  How many times have you gone to a food service site and was lost because the navigation was not user friendly, that would not be the case here.  So far so good and it gets better!  As you are viewing the selections on the menu, to the far right of the screen, there is listed for each selection, the Calories, Type (gluten-free, dairy, etc.), Difficulty (easy, etc.) and Prep-Time.  Basically all details of menu selections are laid out.  I decided to try it and I did.  I created an account and began my order, once the account was created I noticed that there was a profile section, in this section I found it was an area to customize your food selections.  This was highly impressive to me, after all  allergens and diet are a major concern for most people.  Besides I don't know of any online food ordering services or fast food places that give you the option to deselect food choices that may be hazardous to your health. 

The menu choices we selected were the "Chicken Tikka Masala and the Coffee-Rubbed Steak with Roasted Pepper Panzanella"

Our order was scheduled to come to us on Friday, it was promptly delivered in the morning before noon.  We received the package from FedEx with the "PeriShip" sticker ensuring the food remained fresh during the process.  Upon opening the box, all of the food was very cold with enclosed cold paks.  I inventoried all items and they were present as promised with large recipe cards that outline all ingredients and step-by-step preparation instructions. 

My husband and I prepared the Chicken Tikka Masala and my sons prepared the Coffee-Rubbed Steak with Roasted Pepper Panzanella.  Preparation was easy and very true to the instructions.  If you can read and comprehend, anyone can do this.  After successfully completing both recipes, we sat down to eat together and just before eating, I mentioned to my sons, "Hey don't eat yet, I want to take pictures for my blog".  Well I immediately got my answer, my youngest son replied, "Mom, this food is absolutely delicious, I am sorry but I am in way too deep to stop".  So I was only able to get a picture of my plate, as my husband had already dived into his as well. 

I would have to agree with my family, the food was absolutely delicious, the ingredients were fresh and of the chef designed quality.  The preparation and time are true to the recipe cards.  It tasted just like we ordered from a restaurant.  With meals of this quality you can expect to pay at least $35 to 40 per plate, maybe more depending on where you go.  You have the choice of purchasing 2 plates at half the cost of what one plate would cost in a restaurant and that's excluding the tip.  The costs are $12 for members, members are recurring customers that have the option to skip as much as they want who also receive discounts on all plates.  If you do not wish to be a member you can pay $15 ala carte with no commitment.  Either way it's priced at a  good value for the quality.

 Oh did I mention that   each menu selection on the site gives you the name, pic and bio of the chef who designed the selection.  My family would like to shout out to Chef Elana Karp for your amazing "Chicken Tikka Masala".

A special shout out to Chef Suzanne Lehrer for your amazing "Coffee Rubbed Steak with Roasted Pepper Panzanella"

If you like good, fresh, chef designed, restaurant quality food I would highly recommend trying ""as a  replacement to the not so good tasting fast food or food atrium.  And I have a special message for those of you saying, "I don't want to cook, I just want to order", I ask you why? So you can complain how greasy it is or how whatever you ordered that was cooked fast was not to your satisfaction??  If you are that person, just know if you want food cooked to meet your complete satisfaction, you have to cook it yourself"!!!!

May your journey be peaceful....


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mean Girl Entertainment....Have we sold out our reality for TV?

Television today is slowly owning up to the epigram of  "Channel Zero", as ingeniously noted in one of Public Enemy's songs, "She Watch Channel Zero", from their acclaimed album released in 1988, "It Takes  A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back,   indicating that we, women,  the folks in front of the television are viewing shows that are creating a brainless society wherein the media is depicting what is acceptable in society. 
Speaking specifically to all the so-called "Reality Television Shows" and soap operas.  I get the whole idea behind reality television which is create an environment that you are watching a person walk through their life and life's challenges, which is truly not reality because in reality none of  us has a camera crew following us around and recording our daily activities and to have certain moments edited with  the end result that we see on television is what the show producers' and network deems as "acceptable viewing" for the demographic watching.   In the minds of the network, the demographic of people watching the show are just a group of numbers, numbers that specify how many of us are watching which is measured as an key point indicator of popularity status.  In entertainment, popularity is everything as it is the creation of a brand that can expand outward to its demographic in the media world, marketing, etc.  To put it in layman's terms, the creation of a brand is a venue of money making opportunities for all that support the brand.  I will give you clear examples, on shows like the "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta", which is the highest rated with viewership amongst the Bravo TV Housewives brand according to Nielsen Ratings, a company that measures the audience size and composition of television programming.  So the ladies of this show all have an entrepreneurial spirit, some more than others.  In particular, Nene Leakes, who before coming to show was working on a career and developing her craft in acting.  Because of her part in the creation of the brand, RHOA, doors of opportunities were opened that were not available before to her. 
Personally, I actually love the idea of these women that have created this brand and the opportunities that promote their skills and talents as well as the opportunity for them to venture into new opportunities.  I have specific concerns with regard to what they project on television.  This show in particular is known and popular for intense drama that involves anything from cursing, hair pulling and fighting in a mannerism that totally demotes the image of these women and the initiatives that they support.  Again, I bring up Ms. Leakes, because she promotes organizations that help women, yet if you tune on Sunday night, she is ring leader of drama and chaos amongst women within her circle.  Its a contradiction of what she supports and represents.  The show has a basic theme of the women making an effort of bonding and building their relationships, but the surprise is that season after season, these women just fight, back stab, are simply just "Mean" to each other which is real life for many women.  These are six beautiful African American woman that have talent and poise, the initial thought of seeing them on television is beautiful because you don't see many African American women in a beautiful way on television and in the movies.  What bothers me is that the behaviors' displayed on this show complete a stereotype of the "African American Woman" as being "ANGRY".  As an African American woman myself, what really amazes me about this show and its success that even though many folks agree with the analogy that I have just presented, yet we all still tune in to see the craziness.  Its mostly due to the shock factor of it all and it works, again, this show is the top rated of the Housewives' brand.  What I would like you to think about reader is that for as intriguing as this show is and shows like this, what are you getting from viewing these shows?  Are you learning or trying to accept their behavior or are you standing in judgment of their behavior?  My point to all of this is while we are literally wasting our time watching this show, an hour out of lives, lives that are not promised or guaranteed to continue tomorrow, couldn't we spend that hour on something that could benefit us, that could uplift who we are and where we want to be in our own lives.  Even better yet could we utilize this time to help someone we know or don't know, maybe in a volunteer situation that may need help.  Time is of the essence to us all because we just don't know how much we have and venues like this may support the people that are a part of this, however it takes away a slice of our own lives and with no reward. 

So for any housewives fans that may read this, I am not throwing any "SHADE" at this ladies and their brand, I am just introducing a choice, one that only you can make for your own life, as I make mine.

May your choices be wise and your journey be peaceful!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Book List that..."INSPIRES, RENEWS & CREATES A New You!"

With most folks in their "New Year, New State Of Mind", dealing with how to execute their New Year premonitions, I have a list of books that may be able to help you with on your path to success to fulfill or at least invigorate those premonitions.

Since reading Stephen R. Covey's - "Principle Centered Leadership", I have discovered some traits about myself that I never really thought about or analyzed before reading this book.  This book gives a detailed analytic approach into an account of what it takes to lead effectively by utilizing principles. If you are familiar with Stephen Covey's work, you will know another one of his books which is another favorite of mine, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the principles that are analyzed in this book are directly related.  So whatever career you are in, looking to get in or business that you are thinking about starting, this is a must read for you.

Tyrese Gibson, singer/songwriter, actor, author of "How To Get Out Your Own Way", made the New York Times "best sellers" list in July, 2011.  This book has become one of my favorites as I have read it twice, yes I said twice. Tyrese starts his book out with a powerful prayer that asks for guidance and the ability to discern friends from enemies to create a love circle. I cannot express how much this book touched me.  It offers an account of his journey to getting out of his own way, unblocking his blessings to become what we see today, a successful man who is knowledgeable of self and abilities and is able to clearly discern friends from enemies and has created his "Love Circle".  This book will speak to your emotional side, you will cry, laugh and smile after reading this book.  This book is  a must read for ALL.

For you reader, the one with the entrepreneur mind who dreams of starting your own business but due to all the moving parts of starting a business, such as what type of business, knowing the demographics of your customer, etc. and ultimately how to bring it all together, you should start here.  The team at Entrepreneur Media collaboratively put this book together as a roadmap to start your own business.  They walk you through a series of analytics that will help you to start your own business, the series consists of:  Think, Plan, Fund, Prepare, Buy, Market and Engage, this series contains a roadmap to starting your own business. 

For the corporate manager or future manager, this book is for you, "The Five Dysfunctions of A Team".  This book's title is pretty self explanatory as it explores the dysfunctional aspects of non-productive teams.  It walks through a series of scenarios and offers various strategies to diffuse the dysfunctional behaviors in a team.  It also preps managers on their mindset in dealing with team members who have issues.  Afterall we all have issues and perfection is not prevalent in humans, so we all have work to do.  I think it is a must read self-help book for people who manage teams of people whether in the corporate workplace or in your own business. 
I enjoyed each of these books and have absorbed a huge amount of information that has help me to evolve and that I refer to from time to time as a refresher.  I hope you they help you too in your journey as you design it.
May your journey be peaceful!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why I Blog and Why You Should!...INSPIRATION TO LEAD

As a blogger,  an atypical question that people ask from time to time, "Why do you blog"?  Then there are the analogies that they give such as, "What's the point in blogging, everyone is on the internet telling their business, what is there to blog about and whose reading or paying attention anyway?"  Well, I have an answer for all you cynical skeptics that believe that blogging is a waste of time and serves no purpose in today's very connected society through the use of venues such as Blog Spot, WordPress etc. and their counterparts that promote blogging and internet writing and photo-sharing: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. just to name a few.

I started my blog back in 2007 based on my daily experiences working in corporate america and balancing my work and family life.  As my journey continued, I took a bit of a hiatus and stopped blogging.  But then the unexpected happened, my readers, you, reached out to me with NOTHING but compliments and expression of how the experiences that  I shared with them touched their lives.  For me, as a writer and a person who is principle centered,  I felt the need to write once again and offer whatever views from my life's journey that could help, someone, maybe you.  I urge and encourage others as well to sit and think about what inspiration they could offer.  For example, a woman who is a stay at home mom who is focused on primarily caring for her family can offer a lot to the unorganized, folks that are not so experienced in childcare, home-care, etc.  We all have gifts.  Another example would be the person that works at a fast food chain such as McDonald's or Burger King.  They could offer their wealth of knowledge on how to deal with customers and their own personal experience of why they work there, we all have a story of WHY.

I realize that there are many blogs out there in cyberspace, there are many that people will say are similar to mine, but regardless of the similarities, I am still unique, just as others are.  Even though we may write about the similar topics, the difference is in the way we write, spirit that moves us to do what we do and more importantly, how what we write is perceived by you, the reader.  I do not believe that blogging should be competitive though I know there are bloggers out there that do this for a living and their competitive edge is driven by money.   In my opinion, when money is involved with an art form, sometimes the art changes shape, the shape sometimes comes in the form of the person who is at the delivery end of the money.  Let me say this that I make no implication to anyone blogger or any group of bloggers.  This is just my opinion.  My point in saying that is because regardless of money being involved or not, the purpose of why I blog will not change.  I promote only POSITIVE ENERGY, it is who I am, it is what I thrive on and it is specifically why I blog.
I am one of the truest forms of OPTIMISM that may exist in a human being,which is a complete degradation of the typical stereotype that Hollywood and other forms of media would predict for an African American woman, especially one that works in corporate america.  I am that "Elephant" in the room that people will look at strangely but will come to embrace me and my quirkiness and respect me.  This is WHY I BLOG. If I have not reached but one person and have put a smile on your face or given you a reason to reflect upon who you are and what you want to do with your life and your gifts, then I am fulfilled and my mission is complete!

May your journey be peaceful!


The Sista Chronicles